Is Your iPhone’s Storage Full? 6 Ways To Free-Up Some Space

Is your iPhone’s memory full? You don’t have to worry as there are many things that you can do to reclaim the space. The first thing that you should do is finding out the applications that are taking plenty of your space.

To do this you should go to settings, general, storage & iCloud storage and then manage storage. Here you should find the apps that are taking much of your space. If there are any that you aren’t using, you should delete them immediately.

Delete burst photos

To delete burst photos you should open the Photos app, go Albums and select Burst. You should then tap on the best photo and select, “Keep Only 1 Favorite.”

Delete safari history

Few people delete their browser history. If you are one of the many you should delete your history to reclaim some of your storage space. To delete history on your Safari Browser you should go to settings, Safari, and Clear History and Browsing data. You should then scroll down to the bottom and tap on Advanced.

If you are using Chrome browser, you should tap on the menu icon, go to History then clear browsing data.

Get rid of old messages

Unless you have use for your old text messages, you should get rid of them. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of deleting the messages manually, you should program your iPhone to auto-delete them.

To do this you should go to settings and then messages. Under message history you should select 30 days. This means that you will only have messages sent to you in the last 30 days.

While you are at it you should also get rid of any videos, podcasts, voicemail, and books that you aren’t using.

Turn off app notifications

When is the last time you read your app notifications? You should not let them in your device in the first place. You should turn off all app notifications.

Only keep HDR photos

The iPhone is designed to give you two images: HDR and non-HDR images when you take a photo. Both images are saved in your phone’s memory thus your storage space is taken up twice as fast.

Since non-HDR images are low quality, there is no need of saving them. You should switch off the messages by going to settings, Photos & Cameras and then scroll down and disable, “Keep Normal Photo.”

Full iCloud account

If your iCloud account is full its due to the fact that you are storing backups from your old devices. You should delete old data by going to settings, iCloud, storage, manage storage and then tap on outdated backup. From the options you should choose, “Delete Backup.”

It’s also wise that you delete information under Document & Data.

When everything fails

If you do all the above and you are still getting the notification that your storage is full, you should consider resetting your iPhone. iPhone reset will delete data in your device; therefore, you should first back up your computer on iTunes or iCloud.